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Greenfield Hives & Honey presents our Chunk Honey. Every jar is full of chunks of our Comb Honey and then topped off with our Liquid Raw Honey, providing the best of both!

Elevate your food with the ultimate honey experience. Add our delicious chunky honey to your homemade desserts. yogurt, smoothie or toast.

Drizzle over ice cream for a full flavour hit, and the best chewy bite with a chunk of amber-coloured comb wax. Step up your cheese platter game and use Chunky Honey or Comb Honey, if you haven't tried baked Brie and Honeycomb is a must-add for your next party platter! Or, just eat our lovely Nova Scotian Honey Comb straight from the jar!


Product Features

  • A blend of our Raw Liquid Honey and Comb Honey.

  • 100% natural, and unpasteurized.

  • Great gift idea. Everyone can appreciate the gift of Nova Scotian Honey.

  • Beneficial in reducing high blood cholesterol levels, a risk factor for heart disease.

Chunk Honey