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Locally owned and operated from the Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia by a couple who care about bees, the environment and the positive impact small local farms have on our Food Supply Chain. We are dedicated to providing the personal service you expect from a small family business with the competitive pricing of the big guys.

We produce 100% Pure Raw, Nova Scotia Honey with a Hyper-Local aspect in mind so you can trace that honey to it's exact origin.   Our goal is to help people to reconnect with the food they eat, meaning you know exactly what’s in the food on your table.

Although our office is located in Dartmouth, our main yards are much more rural.  We bottle each yard individually to provide you the varied flavour of Nova Scotia in your Honey.  Labelled with a 4 letter code so you can actually point out on a map where that Honey has come from!

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We have a range of Queens from local Nova Scotian beekeepers to imports from Hawaii and even descendants from the Buckfast Abby in Devon, United Kingdom.  We have relied upon tried and proven beekeepers and are in the midst of our own Queen Rearing Program, determined to provide quality Queens born and raised in Nova Scotia.

Our bees are of the Apis Mellifra species, European Honeybee.  "Apis" is Latin for Bee and "Mellifera" is Latin for Honey-Bearing.  We use a single Brood Box to house the Queen and her brood and ensure the bees have all of the resources they require to get the very best start!  With plenty of forage and a fresh water access, the bees make the open fields and forests their home and are happily flourish


We are a family business and we are excited to share this journey with you.  Every year has seen tremendous growth, with the increasing number of hives and new opportunities.  We are proud to be involved with the community through or school program and support education on Honeybees and the wild species of bees, including other pollinators.   We love to talk bees, wild or other, feel free to contact to request a presentation for your school or group, or to come visit us for a Tour and see our bees up close for the Full Beekeeper Experience!


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