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We have 5 Yards for 2023 and each Yard is described below and our Jars of Honey are unique and they state from which Yard the Honey has come from using a 4 Letter Yard Code system, which is hand written on the side of each jar.  Each Yard will produce a Honey with a different taste and scent and color, dependant on the Flora available to the Bees.  Scroll down to learn more about each Yard.


Greenfield Hives & Honey

Greenfield is located in Hants County area along the Provincial Highway # 14.  This is where it all got started, with 5 hives.  

This property features a wide variety of flowers, fruit trees, maple trees and grasses.  But it's main feature is Clover.  This Yard produces a light, fruity taste with a clover bouquet., but darken by the Pine  and the various mature trees in the area giving it a slight woody tone.


Flower Pic.JPG

White Rose

Located in the Avon Glacial Valley where the River meanders through the rich agricultual area starting at the South Mountain and ending at the river ria emptying into the Minas Basin.

Nestled at the base of the Martock Mountain, this property features fruit trees, open fields of wild flowers, but it's main feature is the bounty of wild roses.  This honey is now available and produces a slightly richer Honey featuring wild flowers and grasses, trees and the bounty from local fruit orchards.

It has a strong sweet flavour with citrus tones.


Hives Green.jpg

North Salem

Located approximately 11 kilometers north west of Shubenacadie.  This Beeyard serves as a homebase for our Pollination Operations.  So this honey features all that they collect from the Wild Blueberry Fields of Nova Scotia and the local Flora of the rolling landscape and rich soils left by glacial deposits in this rich agricultural area of Eastern Hants County

We at Greenfield Hives & Honey recognized and acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki , the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People.  To Honor this, and being so close to a former Residential School, we will be using Honey Supers painted Orange in 2023 onward to represent Hope and Reconciliation.


North Salem.JPG

The Great BEE-yond

Located in isolation in the back fields of the Upper Rawdon area and surrounded by natural growth and mature trees.  This Yard was set up in 2021 and is in full honey production.

This yard is the source of our Comb Honey.  Cut Comb is the most purest form of Honey.  The honey is sealed within each cells providing you the most natural form of Honey, as nature intended.


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