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  • Cut comb honey is the most purest form of honey. The honey is sealed within the wax hexagon cells which has been carefully cut out of the comb. This means that, unlike other types of honey, cut comb honey retains all of the natural properties that Honey can provide. Step up your cheese platter game and use Chunky Honey or Comb Honey, if you haven't tried baked Brie and Honeycomb is a must-add for your next party platter!Honeycomb as nature has intended.. If well sealed, cut comb honey can maintain its consistency for at least a year under normal storage conditions. However it is recommended to check the seal before using any unused honey.


    Product Features

    • Authentic "combs" from the honeybee hive.

    • Cut and packaged fresh from the frames.

    • Pure natural honey sealed inside each honeycomb cell.

    • Numerous health benefits, such as fighting infections and improving heart health.


    Will be sold in sizes ranging from 200g to 400g and may vary depending on the thickness of the comb.  Price is set at $4.50/100g.

    Comb Honey

    100 Grams
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