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This honey has been collected from our yard located on the Demeter Farm, Falmouth, Nova Scotia.  The bees forage from a variety of fruit trees, grasses, wildflowers, but also... Buckwheat!  We hope that as the development of this honey continues, it will provide a dark, rich honey.


There is nothing like the taste of honey directly sourced from the hive. Liquid Raw Honey has taken beekeeping to a whole new level by ensuring that honey is harvested and bottled directly from the beehive. Rather than extracting honey from the combs, complex processes such as heating or filtering are not necessary for this raw, unfiltered honey to possess its all natural properties. Enjoy the authentic taste and natural nutrients of honey without any added sugar or chemicals. Preserving vibrant flavour and health benefits of honey, technically referred to as “raw” honey.


Product Features

  • 100% locally sourced directly from one of our apiaries.

  • Non - heated, non - filtered, and unpasteurized.

  • Ideal storage on your counter top.

  • A Phyto-nutrient powerhouse and a source of antioxidants.

Liquid Raw Honey - DFFY

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